Misleading informations About Tube Stomach Surgery

Tube stomach surgery is the most preferred and very popular operation in obesity surgery. This popularity leads to an increase in known mistakes about tube stomach surgery, and unfortunately, people who are thinking about this operation ,develop false beliefs. Learning about the operations information from misled sources ,stomach tube is very important for a healthy recovery and weight loss process, during thinking for this operation and receiving psychological support if necessary is important for a healthy recovery and weight loss process.

Tube Stomach Surgery only Is sufficient

Many people think that after tube stomach surgery, they will reach their ideal weight without having to do anything else. But this is a rather false thought. It is important to make healthy living routine after the operation, eat correctly and exercise program at increased acceleration with the recommendation of the doctor in the post-operation process.

Weight Loss Stops After 6 Months

After tube stomach operations, if people continue to follow the doctor's recommendations, pay attention to their nutrition and play sports, weight loss process continues in a healthy way up to 18 months. At the end of 18 months, maintaining a healthy life and not making nutritional mistakes ensures that weight is maintained.

Misleading  informations About Tube Stomach Surgery

Post Bariatrik Ameliyat Gereklidir 

Tüp mide ameliyatı sonrasında hızlı kilo kaybı ile birlikte sarkma meydana gelme ihtimali vardır ve bu ihtimal kişinin davranışlarına göre yükselebilir. Ancak post bariatrik operasyonlar herkes için gerekli olmayabilir. Kilo verme sürecinde yapılan spor, verilen kilo miktarı, kilo verme süresi ve kişinin cilt yapısı sarkmanın miktarında etkilidir. 

Post-Bariatric Surgery Requirements

After tube stomach surgery, there is a chance that sagging skin will occur along with rapid weight loss, and this probability may increase depending on the person's behavior. But post-bariatric operations may not be necessary for everyone. Sports in the process of weight loss are effective in the amount of weight given, the duration of weight loss and the amount of sagging skin structure.

After The Operation, It Is Possible To Eat Everything

Tube stomach surgery operation is not for people with weight problems to eat any kind of food, unhealthy eating after this operation ultimately means restoring lost weight and re-raising health problems. It should be noted that unhealthy eating will gain weight despite exercise

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