After the operation
What They Said
Cennet H.(0)
You regained both my health and self-confidence with the surgery you performed. Thank you.
Sırma H.(0)
Thanks to you, I lost 35 kg in 5 months. I feel very healthy. Good for your labor.
Hale H.(0)
Fortunately, I got to know you and had surgery on you. Thank you a thousand times.
Ceren H.(0)
My doctor who made me reborn this year, we love you very much.
Kısmet H.(0)
You made my and many other patients' lives better. God give you health and happiness too.
Filiz H.(0)
My dear doctor came to visit me. My doctor, whose every operation I am proud of, saw me lose 23 kilos. Good thing you are.
Sevay H.(0)
We live the miracle with my sons. They both lost 40 pounds in 6 months in good health. Endless thanks and love to our Doctor Murat.
Gül H.(0)
You will achieve the hardest with your positive energy and meticulous work. Thanks Dr. Murat Aynacı.
Ewa W. O(0)
I am very pleased with this result and the journey from 99.5 kg to 65.5 kg. Thank you Murat Aynacı! Special thanks for the support I received after the surgery.
Nusa A.(0)
I lost 37 kg in 8 months. For this miracle, Dr. Thank you to Murat Aynacı. I couldn't lose weight without his help.
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