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With Dr. Murat Aynacı
Best price with a great saving of up to 70%,
A physical examination by Dr. Aynacı and by 4 professionals related to obesity,
Examination of the stomach with gastroscopy under general anesthesia,
Comprehensive examination including laboratory tests, EKG, lung X-ray, pulmonary function test, gastric ultrasound,
Surgery by an experienced surgeon,
Medtronic surgical materials are manufactured in America and of the highest quality, Surgical materials are used only once,
Guidance by an English-speaking translator during the hospital stay,
Diet list in English,
Spending a long time with Dr. Aynacı, Individual advice for the patient by Dr. Aynacı,
Perfect patient service,
No additional fees are required,
If you dont get the chance to bring a friend or family member to your surgery, or if you prefer to be alone, we can provide you with a translator in the hospital without any additional fees.
What are the steps of the surgery?
Before the Surgery
You will be picked up from the airport and taken directly to the private hospital where the surgery will be performed. After the patient is admitted to the hospital, blood tests will be performed before the surgery. An EKG is performed to assess the lung X-ray and heart rhythm. Ultrasound scans of the upper abdomen are made to examine the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. The patient is examined together with all the results of the internal medicine, cardiology and anesthetists. If it is confirmed that the patient is eligible for surgery, the stomach will be examined by gastroscopy under general anesthesia. If there is no obstacle seen in the gastroscopy for the surgery, the patient is ready for the operation.
The surgery
Dr. Aynacı does not prefer to perform the surgery on the day the patient arrives. The surgery is performed the following day. After the patient is taken to the operating room, it takes 30 minutes that the patient falls asleep with the help of the general anesthesia and that the surgical materials and positioning are prepared. Dr. Aynacı can only start the surgery after 30 minutes. The surgery itself takes an average of 60-75 minutes. The patient takes about 15 minutes to wake up.
After the Surgery
The severity of the pain varies from person to person. There is usually nothing that cannot be treated with pain medication. You are given 3 types of strong intravenous analgesics. The pain will subside 4 hours after the surgery. The patient spends most of the 4 hour period sleeping with the help of anesthesia. Serum, antibiotic, medication to protect the stomach, medication to prevent nausea and 3 different analgesics are given. If the blood
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